I have put a number  of safety measures in place to ensure everyone coming into the studio stays safe. 

I have researched safe working practices for my line of work and followed all government guidelines.

The following information applies to everyone for every type of session.

Following these new working practices helps stop the spread of coronavirus and ensures everyone is kept safe through out their time in the studio.

It would be great if you could follow these recommendations before and during your time at the studio to help protect everyone.

Not following some of these safety measures will result in you being asked to leave the studio. 

Prior to your visit


Ensure you don't have any symptoms of covid-19 and if you do feel unwell with the following symptoms then please rearrange your session

If you have been in contact with anyone who has covid-19 or you are isolating then please rearrange.



Wearing clean clothes to the studio that haven't been worn in public yet such as at the shops or on public transport.

Try and avoid travelling to high risk areas, abroad and mixing in large groups before your session.



Only parents can attend the session (unless your coming for a family session) and must be from the same house hold.

If just one of you can come to the session this would be greatly appreciated but understand that sometimes for newborn sessions this may not be possible.





Download the NHS Covid-19 test and trace app ready to scan the QR code.


At the studio







Scan the QR code for the studio via the venue check-in section within the app.

Wash your hands with the hand gel provided before entering the studio.

Make sure you have your face mask on before entering the studio.


Jemma will provide you with special electronic device wipes, please clean your devices with these wipes and place your phone in the tray on the table to dry.



The studio has designated marked areas to reduce movement throughout the session and to adhere to the 2m rule.

Please stay within these areas as much as you can unless going to the toilet. 

Please do your best to keep children within these designated areas. This may be harder for younger children so it may be best for one adult to take them home or to the local park.

If this isn't possible maybe bring some entertainment for them whilst they wait.

When using the toilet please make sure you have washed your hands with warm water and soap before leaving the bathroom.

Paper towels have been provided to dry your hands with.

I ask at this time if you could please take your rubbish and nappies away with you and dispose of them sensibly.

Bin bags will be provided

No cash payments are being accepted during this time.

Card payment or bank transfer only.


What Jemma is doing to help keep you safe

What Jemma is doing to keep you safe

The studio, props, fabrics, backdrops, all touch points, camera and lighting equipment

is all thoroughly deep cleaned with disinfectant and hot water on a regular basis and after EVERY session.

Any clothes or fabrics used during the session are washed after use on a 40-60 cycle with child safe recommended washing powder.

The studio is well ventilated after every session for at least a minimum of 30 minutes.

Jemma will be wearing a face mask through out the session.

I have a new fresh clean uniform on for every session.


Hair is tied back.

I will adhere to the 2metres distance unless posing newborns and families for family sessions but a mask will be worn at all times.

I will be reducing the time spent touching newborns.

COVID-19_ClothMasks_EN (1).png