What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can affect your lungs and airways.

It is spread through droplets generated when an infected person coughs,

sneezes or through salvia or nose discharge.

COVID-19 stands for Coronavirus disease 2019.


What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The main symptoms of this virus is 

  • High temperature of 37c or more

  • A new continuous cough 

  • Loss of taste or smell

How can we keep safe?

Wash your hands frequently especially after touching touch points, with soap and water for at least 20 secs.

If soap and water isn’t available then you must use hand gel.

Ensure your catching sneezes and coughs in a tissue.

How will you keep us safe in your studio?

I have put a number of new working practices in place for sessions in the studio including adhering to the 2m rule and wearing masks as well as a number of other practices.

Please refer to my new COVID-19 agreement for more information once you have booked in.


Can we do anything to prepare before we come to the studio?

Ensuring you have clean clothes on that haven’t been worn in public places such as the shops helps prevent the spread the virus as it can last on fabric for up to 3 days.

Giving your phone a thorough clean before you arrive at the studio can also help as this is a object which is regularly touched and is made from materials that the virus can survive on for a number days.


What if we feel poorly before the session?

If you feel poorly for any reason at all not just COVID-19 related symptoms

please rearrange your session immediately.



Do we have to wear a face mask? 

Only if we can't adhere to the 2m rule. Masks can be provided for you or please bring your own.

Follow this link for more information on how to put your mask on.

Will the studio be clean?

The studio, props, fabrics, backdrops, all touch points, camera and lighting equipment

will all be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant on a regular basis and after EVERY session.


Will the fabrics you use for newborn sessions be cleaned? 

As normal anything that is used during a newborn session will be washed on a 40-60

wash with baby safe washing powder.

All headbands and props will be washed with disinfectant before being used again.


Can we pay in cash?

At this time unfortunately not. Payment details will be given once you book in and as normal

sessions must be paid before hand or on the day.


Will there be enough space to socially distance?

Yes the studio has enough space to adhere to the 2m distance guidance through out the session.

There will be designated areas that will be marked to make you aware of the 2m rule to protect everyone.


Will you be changing nappies during a newborn session?

At this current time I will no longer be changing nappies for parents until it is safe to do so (sorry!)

Can we still breast feed?

Of course breast feeding is always welcome!


How do you plan to keep our newborn safe during a session?

As always my main focus during these sessions is to maintain the highest safety

through out for your little one. 

I will be limiting my time holding and touching your baby during the session,

During naked posing I will be wearing gloves incase of accidents.

There will be plenty of hand gel to use regularly.

 I intend to wear clean clothes that have not been worn outside, my hair will be tied up and out of the way and I will be wearing a mask throughout the session to limit droplets being spread. 

Who can come with us to the session?

Only parents can come to a session unless you are coming to the studio for a family session.

If only one parent can come to the studio that would be even better but

I understand that sometimes this isn’t possible for certain reasons.

How do we receive our prints?

Products and prints that are small enough will be posted for the time being.

Larger items can be collected from the studio, adhering to the 2m rule.

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