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What is a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are capturing your new little one when they first make an appearance to remember all those tiny little details that change so quickly. The session involves me gently persuading your baby into safe womb like poses to create beautiful images for you and your family to enjoy and look back on for years to come.


Is this type of photography safe?

I am fully trained in the safe posing of a newborn and

your babies safety and comfort are always top priority.

I keep a watchful eye on babies temperature, colour, breathing

and circulation throughout the session.

I only do poses I am trained in and your babies comfort is never compromised.

If your baby shows any signs of distress or discomfort during a pose, the pose is disregarded immediately, no image is more important than comfort.


Are you trained?

Your baby’s safety is the most important thing to me so

investing in training is always priority. 

I have had specialist training with newborn posing ltd who taught

me how to handle and pose a newborn safely.

 I have then had a year’s mentoring with Maddy Rodgers, one of the UKs most reputable and highly experienced newborn photographers who has trained people from across the world in the safe posing of newborn’s.

 As well as the year long mentoring, I am part of

Maddy’s Facebook mentoring group keeping me up to date with

video tutorials and advice on hand when I ever I need it.

As well as my newborn training, I am NVQ Level 3

qualified in early years education with 12 year’s experience in childcare.


Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured with policy bee, a reputable photography insurance company.

When should we book in?

Majority of the time we do not know when little one will

make an appearance and to make sure I fit everyone in,

I only book in a few sessions a month.

Booking at least 12 weeks before your due date is highly recommended.

Once you have paid your deposit, a session

3 weeks before and 3 weeks after your due date is kept

open for you so regardless of when you

give birth, you will be guaranteed a session.

Once little one is here when does a newborn session happen?

 To benefit from your baby still being squishy and curled

up newborn sessions are done 3 weeks and under. 


Why does it need to be done so soon after birth?

A lot of parents think that a newborn session can happen at any age because their still small. However, photographing a newborn is about the fourth trimester.


This is when you recreate the womb environment to

give baby the sense of security they are use to.

Creating this environment makes them relaxed giving way for a deep sleep and having a sleepy relaxed baby makes it easier for them

to be persuaded into the poses you often see from a newborn session.

This is often achieved before they reach a stage called

the “quiet alert mode” at around 14 days old.

This is the stage they start becoming more active in their

movements as they realise they have more space around them.


My baby is already here can we still book in?

Sometimes I do have some last minute sessions available

due to babies being born early or late so always

get in touch to check but these are not always guaranteed each month.


How long does each session last?

Sessions can take anything up to 3 hours as all sessions are baby led

so everything is done at their pace. We take time to settle, feed,

change, cuddle and soothe your baby ensuring they are

relaxed to help with perfecting each pose. 


What happens if baby gets upset during the session?

Sometimes baby can get a little upset during the session

with being in a new environment with a stranger.

All babies are different, but my soothing techniques

tend to work on most babies. If they get a little niggly in between posing

I ask if you could give me the chance to settle baby

as this helps build a bond ensuring baby feels safe and relaxed with me.

If my soothing techniques aren’t working I will of course hand

baby back immediately for some cuddles from their favourite people. 


What do you use to keep baby relaxed?

Before you get to the session, I will ensure the studio

is at a comfortable temperature for baby ready to be undressed.

During the session I use a baby shusher white noise

and a baby rocker which helps keep baby relaxed and sleepy.

Dummies are also a great soothing technique during

posing to keep them in a deep sleep.

What if baby doesn't sleep?

Majority of newborns under 2 weeks should fall asleep at some

point during the session. If you have done your best with the

newborn prep guide combined with feeds and a very warm room

it should send them off in a deep sleep for at least some of the session.

There is still plenty of options we can do if baby doesn't sleep

and you'll still receive a varied gallery.


What if baby makes a mess?

Your baby will more than likely have an accident on

my blankets and wraps or even me!

But this is completely normal and not a problem at all.

Everything I use for baby is washable, so any mess is fine.

Where does the session take place?

Your session takes place at my photography studio,

265 Hawthorne Road



L20 3AP


What time and when does the session take place?

Newborn sessions take place on week days at 10.30am.

Sessions take place in the morning as babies often don’t sleep

in the night during the first few weeks so tend to

sleep better in the morning which is the best time to photograph. 


Can siblings and parents get photos together?

Of course! Siblings and parents are always encouraged

to get some photos together. Sibling photos are done at the beginning

of a session, once these are done its always recommended

that someone takes them back home, to the local park or

the shops as they can get bored whilst waiting for your newborn photos. 

Can I bring along grandparents to the session?

I understand its an exciting time for parents and grandparents

but due to the nature of the session and length of time

its best if only two adults come to the studio.

This is to ensure the session stays calm and relaxed through

out the time your here.  

What should we wear?

Neutrals always work best for family photos. These work well with

the backdrop colours in the studio.

Bright bold colours, patterns, characters and logos

can become distracting and outdated. 

What is your style?

My style involves lots of colour. Pastels being my favourite.

I like to pose baby in a variety of poses using wraps, hats and headbands.

I also enjoy using props such as little beds, crates, buckets

and baskets for a varied gallery.


Can we choose our own colours and props?

Of course! All sessions are personalised for each family.

We will have a chat a few days before your session so we can decide on your favourite colours, set ups and props.

What if I don’t like certain poses?

That is not a problem at all. It's your session so just let me

know what you prefer beforehand. 


Do we need to bring anything with us?

The only thing I don’t have in the studio is milk for bottle fed babies.

I have everything else you might need for a trip out with a new baby. 

How do we prepare for our session?

Jemma will send you newborn prep guide before your session

that will have all the info you need to get ready for your session.


Can we bring our own outfits and props?

I don’t tend to photograph in outfits during this type of session

as certain clothes can make the posing difficult to perfect.

I recommend saving outfits for older photo sessions when

they are smiling and rolling around. Of course, if you have any

sentimental props that you would like photographed bring

them along and we can see what we can do with them.


My baby has scratches, bruises, milk spots, flaky skin etc is this ok?

With your permission this is all part of the editing process.

Most things can be removed without your baby looking over edited.

Of course, if you would prefer these to be kept in just let me know. 


I have had a c section will I be comfortable.

Yes! The studio is set up ready for you to come and relax in

with everything you might need for the time your there.

Feel free to bring anything with you that will make

your visit more comfortable. 


What do we do whilst you are photographing?

Relax! Take this opportunity to drink a hot drink with some biscuits,

catch up on messages or social media, read a magazine

or even take a nap if you feel you need one!


Can I take my own photos?

I am always more than happy for you to take some behind the

scenes photos to mark the occasion of babies first photo shoot.

However, for health and safety reasons I ask if you do not try

and get any close ups when Jemma is posing

your baby to prevent injury to anyone.

Do you share our images on social media?

As my job is to create beautiful images of newborns,

I rely on sharing as many images as I can from sessions in

order to be able to book more work in. As majority of my work

comes from social media, I will be sharing your images on all my platforms.

If you do not want your images shared please let Jemma know before the session. 


What do I get with each package?

All sessions include time in the studio to capture your images with use of all props. The number of images you receive depends on what package you choose.

All images you choose will be available to download from your own personal gallery along with matching prints.

Do you do wall art and photo albums?

Yes, I have selection of wall art products, photo albums and

prints you can choose from if you wish to purchase extras.


How long will it be until we see our photos after the session?

You will receive your pre-edit gallery usually the day after your session.

Once you have selected your chosen images to be edited,

it can take up to 4 weeks to complete your gallery,

but they are normally done within 2 weeks. 

Can I cancel my session if needs be?

You can cancel your session, but your deposit will be lost.

If you do not wish to lose your deposit you can

reschedule your session for a later date.

If you need to cancel please give as

much notice as possible.


Do you offer discounts for other sessions?

Yes, you get 10% off sessions after your first session with Jemma 


How do I book? 

Just get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram and I can get you booked in.

Or follow the "BOOK IN" link on the bottom of the page

for what session you'd like.

 Once you have paid a deposit, I will send you over a welcome info.

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