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Cake Smash FAQs

What is a cake smash session?

Cake smash sessions are capturing your little ones first ever birthday by giving them a whole cake to eat, smash and to generally just get messy with! 


Can we choose our own colours and props?

Of course! All sessions are personalised for each family.

We will have a chat before your session so we can decide on your favourite colours, set ups and props.


What do I get with each package?

All packages include time in the studio to capture your images, balloons and decorations, cake and use of outfits.

The number of images you receive depends on what package you choose.

All images you pick will be available to download from your own personal gallery along with matching prints.

What happens if my baby gets upset during the session?

Sometimes babies can get a little overwhelmed during these type of sessions with being in a new environment with a stranger and being encouraged to eat something that is possibly the first time they’ve eaten it, but this isn’t a problem.

More often than not babies become intrigued in the cake and

eventually forget I am there.

I allocate plenty of time for each session so baby has

plenty of time to enjoy their cake. 


What if my child has allergies?

Allergies are not a problem as I get the cakes from a reputable cake company who have knowledge and experience in baking cakes for certain allergies.

If you prefer to bring your own cake for peace of mind this isn’t problem.

Just let Jemma know when booking. 


What if my child has a reaction during the

session that we didn’t know about?

 I would recommend letting your baby taste some cake with similar ingredients such as flour butter and egg a few days before the session.

You could also bring age related anti histamines to the

session if you are concerned about allergies,  just to be on the safe side

but this has never happened before.

What if my child is poorly?

If your child is poorly before the session please let Jemma know so we can  rearrange. If you turn up to the studio and your child has obvious symptoms of being unwell Jemma will cancel the session immediately and rearrange.

Please take into consideration that the studio is used for newborns as well and although the studio is cleaned regularly and throughly, newborns have not yet had their vaccinations.

What should my little one wear for the session?

The session also includes some portraits before the cake smash so feel free to bring along an outfit change for these photos.

I would recommend neutral colours as they always look nice on photos. These colours work well with the backdrop colours in the studio.

Bright bold colours, patterns, characters and logos can

become distracting and outdated. 

For the cakemsash I have a variety of outfits you can choose from but you are welcome to bring your own if you have a certain outfit in mind.


Can siblings and parents get photos together?

Due to the nature of a cake smash, its best if siblings and parents don’t get photos during the session for health and safety reasons.

Adding on family portraits to a cakesmash is possible though.


When should we book in?

You can book in a cakesmash before their birthday,on their birthday or after.

It is recommended that if you wanted the photos for

birthday banners etc to book in approximatly 4-6 weeks

before their birthday to ensure they are ready on time.


Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured with policy bee, a reputable

photography insurance company.


How long does each session last?

I allocate an hour for your session but they are usually done within 40mins.

However all sessions are baby led so everything is done at their pace. 

Where does the session take place?

Your session takes place at my photography studio,

265 Hawthorne Road



L20 3AP


What time and when does the session take place?

Sessions take place on week days from 10.30am 

Can I take my own photos?

I am always more than happy for you to take some behind the

scenes photos to mark the occasion of babies first birthday photo shoot.

However, for health and safety reasons I ask if you do not try and get any close ups when Jemma is taking photos of your baby to prevent injury to anyone.

My baby has scratches, bruises, milk spots, flaky skin etc is this ok?

With your permission this is all part of the editing process.

Most things can be removed without your baby looking over edited.

Of course, if you would prefer these to be kept in just let me know. 


Do you share our images on social media?

As my job is to create beautiful images of babies and children, I rely on sharing as many images I can from sessions in order to be able to book more work in.

As majority of my work comes from social media, I will be sharing your

images on all my platforms.

If you do not want your images shared please let Jemma know before the session. 


Do you do wall art and photo albums?

Yes, I have selection of wall art products, photo albums and prints you can choose from if you wish to purchase extras.

How long will it be until we see our photos after the session?

You will receive your pre-edit gallery the Monday/Tuesday after your session.

Once you have selected your chosen images to be edited,

it can take up to 4 weeks to complete your gallery,

but they are normally done within 2 weeks. 


Can I cancel my session if needs be?

You can cancel your session, but your deposit will be lost.

If you do not wish to lose your deposit you can reschedule your session for a later date. If you need to cancel please give as much notice as possible.


Do you offer discounts for other sessions?

Yes, you get 10% off sessions after your first session with Jemma 


How do I book? 

Just get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram and I can get you booked in. 

Or follow the "BOOK IN" link on the bottom of the page for what session you'd like.


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