"From start to finish Jemma was very welcoming and very gentle with the baby (she even done his nappy) it wasn’t rushed and everything was baby led, The baby even weed on Jemma a few times which didn’t bother her she saw the funny side and carried on. The studio is very calm and cosy with cups of teas and biscuits so your able to relax. I can’t wait to see the finished photos!"

FORM (112).jpg

"Jemma's attention to detail and outstanding personality shown through on what was our perfect wedding day... we can't thank you enough for your incredible ideas on Matthew street and your amazing ideas that put all my friends and family at ease... we are forever grateful for your time and cant wait too see the finishing touches"

"Can't express how happy I am with how smoothly the session was ran.

Upon entering the studio we were welcomed with a warm, relaxing environment and made to feel at home with refreshments.

Jemma asked to feed my baby girl Heidi and took the time to bond with her before starting the shoot. Jemma was extremely calm with Heidi and delicate when getting her body in various positions.

As a new mum it's an anxious time having people around the baby but I can honestly say myself and my partner were 100 percent relaxed and comfortable with Jemma and her methods throughout.

Jemma was patient and ensured the shoot included exactly what I requested, she spent a lot of time with the baby and never once made us feel rushed"

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"We are so happy with our recent shoot with Jemma. Jemma was amazing with our 2 girls and baby boy and knew exactly what to do to gain their attention and make them smile for the best photos possible and the finished images are fabulous! I highly recommend Jemma and will definetly be back when our baby is a little older for another shoot"