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Yay!Your all booked in!

Look forward to your big day!

Thank you so much for booking in with me!

So now what?

Here's a few FAQS that may help before the big day

We've booked now what?

There's not much else to do now. I’ll send over your agreement

for you to both sign and a form for you to complete regarding

timings and group photographs

Then approx 6-4 weeks before your wedding day we’ll meet up again to finalise everything and go over any changes you might have made.

This can be at the venue if you wish to discuss any areas for photos.


Can we give you a list of photos that we want photographing?

Your welcome to give me a list of photos for group shots (max 10) 

but it's best to keep this part of the day short and sweet or I

end up with a number guests not liking me haha 


How many photos do we get?

It's hard to say as I am so snap happy but

normally a full day wedding gallery is around 600-800


Can guests buy prints?

Yes, of course guests are welcome to buy any prints or

products they wish they just have to contact me.


How does album design work?

I’ll do albums based on photos that work well to tell the

story of your wedding day. If there’s certain photos of people

you want in the album feel free to let me know.

I’ll then send over all the templates for you to double check the design and see if there’s anything you want changing.

Albums never get sent off for print until you're completely happy

with the design. Once happy all you have to do is choose the colour and fabric for the cover.

Albums are often done during the quieter

months once wedding season is over.


Can we share our photos on social media?

Of course! This is my favourite part after the wedding day is to see the reaction from all your friends and family.

I also rely on my photos being shared for more work so share way!


Do we need to feed you?

I mean, am never going to turn free food away haha but this is completely up to you.

I am happy to feed myself as I need to eat regardless.


Can we add albums on afterwards?

Yes, your welcome to purchase a wedding album after your

wedding day. Prices vary based on size but I can send you over

a product list.


What happens if your camera breaks?

I have two cameras and one is mainly a spare just incase.

If both cameras ever happen to break which I hope they never

do (touch wood) I have a lot of photographer friends that can

help me out locally.


What happens if you can’t make it on the day?

I have a list of backup photographers with similar styles that I can contact in case of emergency


How do we receive our wedding photos?

Once all edited, I’ll make a small online gallery for you to share with friends and family. Once the album is complete and printed,

you’ll receive everything together in a personalised memory box with prints (full wedding day only) and a usb.


How long do the photos take to be ready?

Photo delivery can vary depending on what time of the year

you get married.  I do ask for you to give me up to 16 weeks but

that doesn’t mean this is how long it will take.


Do you have the option of a second shooter?

I have a list of people who would be happy to

second shoot with me. If you're thinking of a second shooter let me

know and I can send over their websites and check their availability.


Do you keep our photos after you’ve sent them to us?

Yes, I keep all photographs on my hard drives for as long as I can.

If I was ever to get rid of them for space,I would alway contact you first.


Can we print from the usb?

You get full print permission to print as and when and as

many times as you like, where ever you like.

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